Is this only a generation trend? Or has there been a profound change in perspective among contemporary Arab artists in the Arab world? Without claiming to be the new avant-garde, without clear cut attitude, young Arab filmmakers, video and media art artists are exploring paths of subjective expression with a fragile and anxious freedom. They are carving out a new path in their fragile and shifting societies...

Since the 1990s, video creation in Arab countries has witnessed constant growth and renewal. The specific political and social conditions of these communities, their deeply-rooted narrative and poetic traditions (written and oral), as well as a decisive presence of music and ritual have all allowed these works to encompass a very wide-ranging field of experimentation and reflection in which a fascination with technology is mixed with a sense of poetry and rhythm, the use of silence, and the ability to speak to us directly or metaphorically of their individual or communal realities.

Inside all these realities, Taleb Cherche Midi Organization has initiated various projects in order to explore current Arab happenings and Show the richness and complexity of reflections on the countries with an Arabic culture through video, digital film, and moving images. One of the very recent and successful projects initiated by our organizations is ARAB MEDIA LAB PROJECT.


A Taleb Cherche Midi Project