Videokaravaan stations

VIDEOKARAVAAN is "nomadic program", which, amongst other things includes a database of video artists from the Arab and North African region. Videokaravaan is traveling through various countries using presentations and discussions to expand the current aesthetics of video and media practices, diversify the Western perspective of art from the Arab world, and to acquaint the West with Arab artists. An additional goal is to generate a network of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Curriculum of past exhibitions


  • 2011

    June / Digital Morocco #2 / Riad El Fenn / Marrakech

    May / Digital Morocco #1 / Riad El Fenn / Marrakech

    FEBRUARY / Arab Stereotype in Western Medias / Lecture, including Video installatio , video program and Digital Show

  • 2010


    Videokaravaan in CASAPROJECTA PROJECT, Casablanca

  • 2009

    Videokaravaan in les Abbatoirs, TRANSCULTURELLES DES ABBATOIRS,Casablanca.

  • 2008

    video brasil.

  • 2007-2008

    Troc Art ( Moroccan Contemporary Art exhibition ), Villa des Arts, Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco.

  • 2006

    TransArab, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2005

    New Arab Video, Barcelona, Spain with the collaboration of La Mostra Video de Barcelona and La caixa Art Forum.

  • 2001-2004

    Curation of a selection of North African Films in Africa in the pictures, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • 20002-2010

    Arab happenings through video, films, documentaries, video installations..ect

    Dordrecht, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Casablanca, Rabat, Paris, Madrid, Sao Paolo,..ect.

Digital Morocco Edition 2 / June 2011 / In Riad El Fenn/ Marrakech

    Other stations

    • Digital Morocco Edition 2 /June 2011 / In Riad El Fenn/ Marrakech

    • Digital Morocco Edition 1 / May 2011 / In Riad El Fenn/ Marrakech

    • Arab Stereotypes in Western Medias / FEBRUARY 2011 / In Riad El Fenn/ Marrakech

    • Digital Marrakech December 2010

    • Arab media lab Introduction -Casaprojecta-2010

    • Videokaravaan Les Transculturelles 2009

    • Videokaravaan Trocart 2007

    • Videokaravaan test Portal 2005

    • Videokaravaan get it straight 2002

    A Taleb Cherche Midi Project