ARAB MEDIA LAB WORKSHOPS SERIES IN MOROCCO is a symposium on Digital Cinema and HD Film production. The training program is designed for young filmmakers and emerging talents who want to explore digital cinema using a wide range of experimentation and non-traditional styles.

It provides in-depth information on every step of an entirely digital production chain, This workshop covers many aspects of the production in all its stages - preproduction, production and postproduction, screenplay development etc. The methods are usually hands on and the participants have an opportunity to work practically on specific exercises, under supervision of many media professionals, such as, developing a story, preparing a storyboard, filming and editing.


One of the main aims of ARAB MEDIA LAB PROJECT is to produce works, via digital filmmaking, using Digital tools. So far we have produced various spots, short films, studies and visual lectures on various subjects. One of the very successful films produced by Arab Media Lab project is: 'SILENT FILMS BIG WORDS', which was premiered in Madrid, during the International Film festival DOCUMENTA 2011. The film discuss the power of silent films in stereotyping Arabs during the Silent film era.

The project was developed and implemented as research project, making it more than a film production. Another film that witnessed success in Festivals in Morocco and abroad is 'RECRUITING IDENTITIES', this film grew out of a research project on the first wave of Moroccan immigration movement in the Netherlands.

  • Exhibitions >>> Digital Marrakech Media Arts Festival

Arab Media Lab will also operate as a gallery space. Its program will include exhibitions of local Media artists; guest artists form the Arab world and some group media art exhibition from the western countries.

The idea is to introduce the 100% media art gallery space locally in order to bring different media at works to the local public. As well as introducing media artists from the Arab world to the local scene. It will also give a chance to the local public to meet up with the western new media art.

  • Online activities

Online platform, is one of the very important focus by our project. It is our window to the world, but also, a portal where we can exchange our experience and promote our activity. So far, we managed to create a rich and interesting website: which is now known worldwide. It is a huge work still, but we are going surely in establishing a unique online platform in the Arab world, first in its genre which carries studies and collect visual archives about: ARAB STEREOTYPES IN WESTERN MEDIAS, ARAB MOVING IMAGES ARCHIVES, ARAB MIXED MEDIA ARTISTS, MIGRATION PROJECTů



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