ARAB MEDIA LAB is a media art collective based in Morocco. It aims to strengthen the Media Art sector in Morocco and the Arab world by organising projects which focus on the development of new media arts in the region and by stimulating artistic exchange between North and South on all fields of media art - from digital video, digital cinema to video installations and interactive art. Our vision is to create a platform where Media art creation constitutes an integral and visible part of the artistic life. It endeavors to render arts a vital means that contributes to the mobility of people by inciting them to act, create and participate towards creativity and production.


  • Encourage artistic creativity in the Arab world and develop cultural exchanges within the region
  • Create a Media art platform Laboratory as a creative physical space
  • Arab Media Lab will also operate as a gallery space. Its programme will include exhibitions of local Media artists; guest artists form the Arab world.It will also give a chance to the local public to meet up with the western new media art scene
  • strengthen the Media Art sector in the Arab world, contribute to the circulation of works from the Arabic and North African countries in different (international) video and film festivals, diversify the "Western perspective" on art from the Arab world and acquaint the West with Arab artists
  • show the richness and complexity of reflections on the countries with an Arabic culture through video and moving images
  • create an online platform, which will allow Video makers, Media artists and film makers to upload their works to be seen online, the project can also take care of the distribution of their works to festivals

our vision

Arab Media Lab project has a vision and believes that the encouragement artistic activities within our region will open the doors to a wide range of experimentation and rich artistic events throughout the year, which, therefore will contribute to the general development of the region.

The majority of the population is young ( 70% youth ), and young people reclaim their right to the word and express themselves in different ways, and art takes a great priority within this young generation .We believe we can share our experience and strategy, and we think we have so many things still to give and achieve.


A Taleb Cherche Midi Project