Arab stereotypes in western media


How many times have you watched a film or a TV show that shows Arabs as terrorists, idiots, or somehow lesser than any other race of man? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more…Stereotyped such as terrorists, oil-hoarding sheikhs, and American-hating Muslim fanatics, brute murderers, sleazy rapists, religious fanatics, and abusers of women...

After different film studies and main stream media research, I found out that:  “No other group has been more vilified than the Arabs”, more than 1000 movies have portrayed badly the Arabs, and since 11 September 2001 the image of Arabs in films and medias has only worsened!" Said Jack Shaheen, the author of the best seller: “reel bad Arabs” .

This video section panorama, will focuses on all video documents that portrays this attitude in western media, in stereotyping a whole culture by reducing it into a small boxed opinion, which is most of the time lacked of objectivity and knowledge.

Arab Media Lab carries also media studies about ARAB STEREOTYPES IN WESTERN MEDIAS AND ARAB MOVING IMAGES ARCHIVES by organizing seminars, workshop, film program and production of work related to these subjects.

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